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Bile duct injury after gallbladder Surgery?

The Damage May Be More Serious Than You've Been Told!

Read this report to learn why a bile duct injury is preventable and should have been avoided by your surgeon. 

  • You deserve to know the truth because it will give you PEACE OF MIND.
  • This information will help you make an informed decision about your situation. 
  • Talk to an experienced attorney to learn more about what has happened to you and the implications for your future health.
  • Thomas Dunbar has been recovering damages for injured bile duct plaintiffs since 1996. 

This report is for you if...

  • Your bile duct was cut or nicked during your gallbladder surgery.
  • You've had complications after your gallbladder surgery. 
  • You have questions about how this happened and what it means for your health.

You may also call attorney Thomas dunbar for a consultation at (601) 862-7829.

There is no cost or obligation for the report or the consultation. 

Thomas Dunbar Legal Malpractice Attorney

I've won substantial compensation for dozens of patient victims NATIONWIDE since 1996. My article on gallbladder surgery and why cutting the wrong duct is negligent can be downloaded by clicking the button above. With over 28 years of experience, I have helped many people recover damages after being injured. Contact me today and let's talk about your case.



I would recommend him very highly...

"After my gallbladder surgery, I quickly became very ill. I discovered that my surgeon had made a mistake by cutting the wrong duct. This was irreversible. I was shocked and in disbelief, not to mention very sick. After I got out of the hospital, I met with Tom Dunbar and hired him to represent me against the surgeon and the hospital. Tom was very methodical in his approach and I could tell he was very knowledgeable about these type of cases. Long story short, Tom was able to settle my case for a very substantial sum of money. It did not bring back my health but it did give me some satisfaction and paid for all my medical bills. I would not wish this on anyone, but if you do find yourself injured by medical malpractice, do yourself a favor and contact Tom Dunbar. I would recommend him very highly."

Dunbar Client, Name withheld for privacy

If you want to understand what has happened to you, read this report by Attorney Thomas dunbar

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