Trucking Accidents

You Need to Move Fast After a Trucking Accident

Mississippi Truck Accident Attorney

Let an EXPERIENCED lawyer handle your case.  Thomas Dunbar, Esq. has litigated and tried vehicular accidents since 1987.

Trucking companies and their liability insurers’ attorneys and accident reconstructionists are prepared to investigate and gather evidence immediately after accidents. Local retained counsel are called no matter the time of day to meet the truck driver at the collision site to assist both the driver and the driver’s interview by law enforcement and to measure skid marks and photograph the accident scene. 

Reports state that one in eight traffic deaths involve eighteen-wheelers, semi-trucks, or other large trucks. Because the speeds and damages are often severe, insurers employ retained counsel before collisions occur. It is very important that an injured person investigate as soon as possible before evidence fades, is lost or is pushed aside on a busy roadway.

Operator Duties

Truck drivers are highly compensated professionals who have a duty to protect others on the roadways. Thankfully, the Federal Motor Safety Administration requires minimum liability insurance amounts to compensate injured travelers. 

What To Do

Dunbar Law Office, P.C. helps victims of trucking accidents recover damages for accident injuries and any liability-related medical expenses , pain and suffering, lost wages, and any damage to property.

Your case should be professionally investigated.  Investigations can reveal the truck driver or his employer were negligent in many ways including:

1) was the driver unaware of other vehicles due to the tractor-trailer’s “blind spots”;

2) was the driver properly trained and licensed;

3) did the driver exceed lawful driving time period without properly resting (his
Logged time can be compared to the truck’s tracking data to be certain);

4) was the tractor-trailer rig overloaded such that the proper weight existed compared
to its braking ability;

5) did a Quality Control issue contribute to cause the collision? If so, the manufacturer of the truck or its components can be at fault or a repairman if not properly maintained or repaired. 

We can explain the applicable law of the accident you were involved in so that you can move forward with your case.  Mr. Dunbar has practiced serious personal injury law for more than 31 years and is glad to discuss your situation.  

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